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Hey, now available is the optimal DustNPrint surface: the Galvannealed Bed

Its lightly textured surface enables an even distribution of DNP while its slighty higher thickness (than the removable double sided PEI Prusa bed) prevents the bed from undesirable bents.

DustNPrint being a zero bonding force at low temperature adhesive, no need to bend the bed to release the parts!


Hello World!

We are releasing our exclusive E3D compatible dual cartridge heater hotend.

Our design is based on the E3D Volcano but is greatly improved by the use of two heaters which:

- Increases power output by a factor of 2 (20C to 280C in less than 1m30s)

- Equalizes the radial temperature distribution (with a single heater heater hotend, the impact of having a non-symmetric temperature distribution can be observed, especially when printing gears, and is correlated with the nozzle's diameter. The larger the nozzle, the worst the impact.)

Switching to a Double Heater Volcano enables you to:

- Print very fast with large nozzles (>0.8)

- Print at very high temperatures (>320C, where the max temp is limited by the thermistor choice, the firmware and the use of an all-metal or PTFE tube cold-to-end junction ).

- Set the fan to 100% with no fear of THERMAL RUNAWAY errors

If you are looking to increase your print quality, save a lot of time and try new filaments (PC, ABS, Nylon), look no further; this is the only dual heater volcano compatible hotend currently available on the market, that's why we had to do it!

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