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FREE Dust'N'Print Sample!  Use promocode "freesample" !

As 3D printers ourselves, we understand :
- the struggle of watching a part warp after a 10 hours print
- the shear frustration of stabbing oneself when prying a part off the bed 
- the time wasted changing and recalibrating an adhesive sheet (PEI, Build tak, etc.)
- the despair felt after trying out everything available and still having issues with bed adhesion
As such, DustNPrint was created.
Validated with a growing number of satisfied early adopters, we want you to tell us what you think, hence for absolutely 0$ and 0$ shipping, we will ship you a sample kit that covers up to two 220x220mm bed.
DustNPrint is an All-Natural powder based 3D printer bed adhesive that provides a very good high temperature bonding force (comparable to a brand new Buildtak) while also providing a very weak low temperature bonding force, allowing for a zero force part removal.
DusNPrint works obviously perfectly with PLA and PETG, but also works exceptionnaly well with ABS, PC, PP and Nylon (tested so far).
It is 100% water soluble, easily washable and 100% safe.
How to use:
1. Mix 1 part of DNP for 1 to 2 parts of Water.
2. Mix thorougly
3. Wait until there is no more bubbles
4. Pour DNP on the bed at room temperature
5. Using a spatula (prefered) or a brush, cover the bed with a even not-to-thick surface
6. Print
7. Let bed cool to ~30-40 (on some parts you will hear crackling sound when there is no more bonding)
8. Reactivate with water only or a little bit more DNP
9. Clean surface with a wetted cloth when needed
** On the checkout, in the coupon section, enter "freesample" **

-- Limit of One per address! --

FREE Dust'N'Print Sample! Use promocode "freesample" !

  • Use Coupon "freesample" on checkout!

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